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Top 5 Vastu Tips To Transform Your New House Into The Dream Home For Your Family

Top 5 Vastu Tips To Transform Your New House Into The Dream Home For Your Family

Vastu Shastra is the ancient belief of architecture science, it helps to define and improve the positive energy of your home. It acts as a guide to lead a home and the family living within to peaceful co-existence and prosperity. Finding the right balance in your home is essential to raising a happy family however it is not a form of magic that can change your life overnight but a discipline to live by.

Although most buildings today are designed and built with Vastu Shastra in mind there are still a lot of simple improvements you can make in the decor of your home to enhance its positive energy according to the Vastu traditions.

Here are the Top 5 Vastu tips to help you make positive improvements to your home, family and your life.

1 Home Entrance – Being the point of entry into your home, keeping the entrance well decorated and organized is essential according to Vastu Shastra. Ideally, the doorway should face the North, East or North- East direction. The door should be of a wooden material and should be decorated in a yellow color cause the color is yellow is associated with wealth, luck & prosperity in the vastu tradition. You should also avoid any clutter near the doorway and remove any shoe racks from the entrance as this is said to exude a negative energy in your home. If there is a wall near just next to your home’s entrance then decorate it with a holy idol or statue and keep the area well lit.

2 Living & Dining Rooms – Try to create a naturally lit open room for your living or dining space, plenty of sunlight not only helps in keeping the room fresh & odor free. It also attracts positive energy. You should also decorate the room with paintings or photographs depicting scenes of beaches, oceans or rivers as water as according to the vastu tradition this helps in bringing good luck to your family. Try to keep this room clutter free as this will be the center of activity in your house and a place to entertain guests which will project positive vibrations into your family and guests. Consider placing any heavy furniture on the west side of this room and if there are any mirrors they should be affixed on the north wall.

3 Bedroom – They say that peace in the household is essential for healthy living and as we all know health is wealth. Your bedroom is a place of rest and peace so it should be open with minimal furniture. It should get plenty of natural light and windows should be kept open for at least 20 minutes daily to allow the room to be fresh. Couple’s bedrooms should not have two matresses joined up, rather you should try to keep a single mattress because it symbolizes togetherness. Photos of your family and loved ones should also be kept in the room, this help in fostering strong ties with your family.

4 Kitchen – One of the most important rooms in a home, the kitchen should always be kept sparkling clean. Do not let dirty dishes and utensils accumulate in your sink as this promotes a negative energy in your home. Make sure that that something is being cooked in your kitchen every day as it signifies prosperity in the household. Make sure your kitchen is always well lit, never go into the kitchen while its dark.

5 Children’s Room – We always want to provide the best for our children and hope for a bright future for them, thus vastu for your children’s room should be perfect. Have the walls painted in this room in bright colors. Place study table or book shelf in their room but do not let your kid’s feet point towards the books while they sleep, this gives rise to a negative energy. Remove any power or phone charging outlet from near the bed, this will prevent them from using their phones too much during the night and promote healthy sleep.

Bonus Tips –

a) Try to keep a pet in your house – they make the home more lively and bring prosperity

b) Cook & serve at least 1 green vegetable dish every day – this is said to help with your family’s health

c) Keep all glass doors and windows spotless – this invites positive energy into your home


Sparsha Majumder

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