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How, When & Where To Invest In Real Estate In India

How, When & Where To Invest In Real Estate In India

The modern Indian economy has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last decade and so. The people have better jobs, businesses are thriving and the overall purchasing capacity has increased as well. Although this is a very positive sign for our economy and gives rise to a lot of surplus income and saving but the people are still not investing their savings to generate wealth. This is a problem which plagues our economy and it is partly due to the lack of investment education.

Recently there has been a lot of initiatives by the government and various other organizations to provide real investment education to the masses but these have clearly have the focus on risky stock & mutual fund investments. Given that the barrier to entry into these types of investments is low a lot of people see them as good investment option but these are clearly dependent on the market status and therefore carry an inherent risk of loss if & when the markets crash.


Our focus today is on investing in real estate, considered to be the safest and high returning investment option by seasoned investors who have made a fortune in this sector. The following are are the key points to keep in mind when you are considering an investment in real estate.

• Research – Understand the property and what role it may play out in the future, Is it a land that can be developed for residential or commercial purposes? Is it a building you can live in and flip later for a profit? Is it an apartment that may be valuable if rented out? Understand the role a piece of property can play in your investment portfolio and plan accordingly. Always think of the future when investing in the present

• Legality – The only hurdle for the real estate sector is the legal issues that are prevalent in some steps of the investment process. Check all the property papers like the title, power of attorney, sale deed, mutation records etc or better yet get it checked by a RERA certified legal consultant here. Only invest in properties that have clear papers or in properties which any disputed can be easily resolved.

• Check The Locality – The location plays the biggest role when it comes to real estate price and growth, explore the neighborhood carefully, check what businesses are operating in the area and see what the land usage is like. Check if the zone is an urban, sub-urban or rural area. These factors should play a key role in your investment decisions.

• Finances – Check what kind of property investments are within your budget, although real estate investments are often high-value investments starting from at least 15-20 Lakhs, smaller value investments also reap good returns and are still safer than most mutual funds or stock options

• Remain Positive, Stay Patient And Always Negotiate – This is the ultimate mantra to live by for a real estate investor so if you are looking to cut a piece of the real estate pie then always stay positive even if your initial investments are not huge you can get there eventually. Stay patient and scoure out the best property deals you can so that you can earn the best returns and finally negotiate every time. Property values are not set in stone and often a good haggle can lead to a much better price than you expected.


With this knowledge you are one step closer to building your dream investment portfolio in real estate. We wish you the best and for any other investment advice feel free to contact our expert investment advisors at +91 6293 39 3300


Sparsha Majumder

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