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10 Mandatory Things Before Enter In a New Home

10 Mandatory Things Before Enter In a New Home

Follow This Checklist Before Taking Key Of Your New Home

Enter a new home always is a occasion to a every Indian Family. The new home is always special and we present top 10 valuable tips to possession of home an easier affair. jots down 10 points that every buyer should take note of

1.Check The Documents : 

Before the promoter handed over the keys to you, This is the most important step that every house buyer should follow, Cross check every documents original as well as photocopy of documents that you revived from the developer. Get the house registered in  your name with the help of local authority.

2. Amenities :

Many times builder promise to deliver so much amenities but at the time of delivery the property they fail to  fulfill their promise. Every buyer should check promised amenities from the developer before taking the possession of the property.

3. Door and Windows :

Inspect the door and windows are good quality those are internal part of your home and its relating to your security issue. Ensure their is no cracks and gaps check if the wood used doors and windows and frames and not soft, brittle or crumbly wood. The locks and latches also gives special attention.

  4. The Walls :

Don’t forget to check any kinds of cracks in the walls. check wall paint with the lap marks, leakages and damp patches, if any, need to be rectified from the developer.

5. Plug- Points : 

Check carefully every bulb holder, sockets and plugs, be ensure all switches are working property and their is no faulty installation.

6. Fittings :

Check every quality of the kitchen, bathroom and sanitary firings. If any specific brand are mention in the property agreement, verify if the same brand used. Check leakages  of every fittings, check installation of kitchen sink and obtain the warranty paper of every fittings if they used any reputed brand.

7. Drainage :

The drainage outlet need to check and ensure the outlet are not block and working properly.

8. Lifts And Common Areas :

When your gives your attention in interior of the flat, do not forget to spare some time to check lift and lobby, also check if the list taking too long to arrive the floor it might be problem of hidden problems. The lift must equipped emergency service and alarm system.

9. Safety Features :

Ensure that your building is earthquake-resistance. Fair safety equipment should be installed in every common of your building. Check if CCTV is installed check CCTV must cover every corner of your premises. Ensure that first aid boxes are installed in swimming pool and kinds play area. The security guards are from some reputed company.

10. Secure piped gas connection :

Check the gas piped connection of your home. The tubes and other machinery should be bear and ISI mark.


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Surojit Das

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